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Education in Kirkby and Field Lane needs to improve to ensure there is excellent provision for children and adults alike


Residents are concerned by low attainment in secondary education resulting in many pupils being educated outside of the borough.  Kirkby College has closed which denies access to local further education for adults of all ages.

1st 4 Kirkby believes we need to educate our young people in our own town and end the haemorrhaging of talent to surrounding areas.  We are aso campaigning to make use of community centres for training and education, whilst Kirkby College has the potential to become a community led adult education facility.  We will work in partnership with existing successful centres outside of Kirkby to make this happen.

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  1. Aussie Wayne says:

    Kirkby College Closure ~
    There I was studying AAT4 as a mature student, in my 3rd year of studies at the college, with 3 modules to go, when the course was transferred to Roby.
    So instead of walking to the college, I was expected to commute & with the twice weekly 3 hour course finishing at 9pm, in a suburb I never visit, knew no one, with a bus timetable at that time of night, that I would classify as occasional. So on the grounds of personal safety I dropped out, as old men with strange accents do become a target if the locals feel like some fun.
    The College staff were shocked at the council decision that was made on a cost benefit analysis of flawed parameters that it was cheaper to close Kirkby than do anything else. OMG WTF you meffs what about the thousand or so children the council has a Duty of Care to support, all your’ve done is confirm what so many people have said historically about Huyton first and anywhere else within the Knowsley Region second.

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