Local Transport

Kirkby needs an effective public transport system which makes getting around the town quick and affordable.


Some of the major concerns raised are the lack of good links to the surrounding areas and the congestion on our roads.

1st 4 Kirkby candidates have been attending Public Transport Forums, speaking with members of the community and communicating with Merseytravel and Stagecoach in order to improve the services.

  1. Better local bus routes inside of Kirkby and Field Lane
  2. Local ticket prices for local bus routes
  3. Second rail station on Headbolt Lane
  4. New bus station in the Town Centre
  5. Improved shelters across Kirkby
  6. Bus routes to key destinations outside of Kirkby (hospitals, places of work and learning, etc.)

9 Responses to Local Transport

  1. Dominic Castell says:

    The 227 stinks.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Dominic, in what way does the 227 ‘stink’? Is it bad service, overcrowding, infrequent service, actual hygiene issues or something else?

  2. Daniel Cosgrove says:

    Just received your leaflet through my door. I like what I am reading about 1st 4 Kirkby. I was wondering are there any discussions being had about the appealing bus services to places like Aintree Race Course and Maghull? As a non driver I can believe how poorly served these routes are taking almost two hours at times to get to places very close, in some cases walking them can be quicker. I’d be very willing to vote for a party that could look into this for me.

    Dan Cosgrove

  3. Daniel Cosgrove says:

    That’s ‘apalling’ bus service and ‘can’t ‘ believe ….. The perils of autocorrect!

  4. Tom Johnson says:

    Historically kirkby market has been a great
    Attraction for people from outside the area
    To visit Kirkby, in light of the recent investment
    And the excellent improvements made,I do
    Think it would make good sense to route some
    of The buses via the market area.
    I’m sure this would attract people who are at
    Present put off from visiting ie the elderly and disabled due to the walk from the bus terminus.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Tom,

      We thoroughly agree with you that the town centre needs to be better served by the bus network. Your point is also true of the Kirkby Health Centre. We are working with Merseytravel to improve the bus services and facilities.

  5. emma jackson says:

    If your group and KRAG had stayed out of the Tesco bid we would have had a Tesco’s by now. it just seems minority groups like yourselves dont like changes for the better!

    • Admin says:

      Hello Emma, First For Kirkby was never opposed to the regeneration of Kirkby Town Centre – in fact that is exactly what we want. However, we have always been concerned the Tesco plan would take too long to deliver and that Tesco would put their profits before our local community. That has turned out to be the case, and the situation is a direct result of the policy of an exclusivity deal between Knowsley Council and Tesco, which had the effect of handing almost all of the town centre over to Tesco from the previous developers. The failure of the Tesco project lays squarely at the feet of 100% Labour-dominated Knowsley Council and with Tesco itself.

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